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Cambridge Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations

Dental restorations provide repairs for common teeth issues such as fillings, cracks, and breaks.

Most of us have had experience with dental restorations. Even the most avid tooth-brusher can get the occasional cavity, and a missing tooth or sudden crack or break can happen to anyone. And when it happens, you need a restoration - fast! Dental restorations not only restore the function and appearance of your teeth, but also prevent further damage and wear.

We provide the following dental restorations:


The modern filling isn’t the major hassle it used to be! We offer different options for your filling’s appearance, and can fill anything from a cavity to a crack, chip, or other damage. Don’t worry - you’re in good hands!


When a tooth has had extensive repair, such as a root canal, your dentist may recommend a crown in order to strengthen what remains and make it look more natural. A crown is a dental restoration piece that completely covers the original tooth, protecting it and giving it a more attractive look.


Another option for restoring damaged or decayed teeth, inlays fit within the contours of your tooth, giving a very precise fit. Inlays can be made from porcelain, gold, or resin, providing good looks with comfort and function.


Onlays are similar to inlays, except that instead of fitting within a tooth as an inlay does, the onlay covers the tooth, down over the edges and right to the gumline if necessary. These are used when a wider coverage of the tooth is needed, while still offering the same precise fit and comfort.


A bridge replaces a missing tooth, or span of missing teeth, by mounting artificial teeth on a metal structure and attaching it to the remaining teeth on either side - just as a bridge connects two pieces of land. Bridges are comfortable, reliable, and attractive, making them a solid choice for restoring missing teeth.

Whether you’ve got a small cavity, a large break, or an entire missing tooth, you can rely on Canamera Dentistry to give you the best options possible - your smile is important to us!

If you need more information about Dental Restorations, contact us today.

Watch videos about Dental Restorations:

Filling Tooth Decay Filling Crown Tooth Decay Crown Inlay/Onlay Tooth Decay Inlay/Onlay