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Canamera Dentistry
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Cambridge Orthodontics


Orthodontics are used to create a new smile, but there’s more at stake than just an improved appearance. Misplaced or crooked teeth can impact more than just the look of your smile, by affecting your bite and causing tooth wearing, jaw pain, or chewing and speech issues. Fixing those problems is just as important as your smile’s appearance... But let’s face it, that great new smile is a terrific reason all by itself!

Canamera Dentistry offers both traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Traditional metal braces are the most commonly-used type of orthodontic appliance, and there’s no wonder: metal braces are reliable, effective, and less expensive than other methods. They’re a great choice for your orthodontic needs, and patients can even choose to jazz them up with coloured brackets and elastics.

Invisalign are metal-free braces that straighten your teeth via a series of custom plastic orthodontic pieces. By using a progressive series of aligners, specially designed to fix your dental issue, these virtually-invisible braces are comfortable, can be removed for ease of cleaning, and are the utmost in comfort and convenience.

If you or someone in your family needs braces, make us your first stop. We'd love to give you a smile makeover!

If you need more information about Orthodontics, contact us today.

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