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Cambridge Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

“Wisdom teeth”, the last molars that develop on either side of the jaw, got their name because they normally break through after a patient has grown (normally between the ages of 16 and 20). Whether they herald the onset of greater wisdom is up for debate, but we know for certain that, if well-positioned and healthy, they can be left alone and will function properly with your existing bite. For many people, however, these last molars cause issues.

When a wisdom tooth begins to come through but there is no space in the jaw for it to emerge from the gum, it becomes impacted. This simply means that the tooth has no place to move, and may either begin to move where it shouldn’t (e.g. sideways into the jaw) or become trapped and cause pain, possible infection, and damage to the teeth and jaw. If wisdom teeth are impacted, we recommend extraction to preserve your oral health.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a routine procedure which is performed both safely and effectively. We’ll use an anesthetic or IV sedation to remove the teeth and stitch the gums. Some localized pain and swelling is normal, but with good home care most patients recover swiftly. For those patients who require more after-care, we are pleased to follow-up with you.

You can feel good about trusting the dental professionals at Canamera Dentistry with your wisdom teeth - it’s definitely a wise decision!

If you need more information about Wisdom Teeth Extraction, contact us today.

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