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Canamera Dentistry
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At Canamera Dentistry, we are committed to your professional, precise diagnosis and treatment plans. That's why we use the latest in dental technology, both to help us gather all the information we need and to aid in our assessment and treatment options.

Here are a few of the awesome machines we use to keep your oral health in tip-top condition:

Intra-Oral Cameras - These small, pen-sized cameras are not just a precise imaging tool; they also help us to communicate with you more effectively. The intra-oral cameras' excellent zoom and image quality lets us perform a detailed examination on any area of your mouth, and zero in on anything we need to. The patient is also able to see these images, so we can show you exactly what we're looking at, and help you to understand both the diagnosis and the treatment options we think are best.

Digital X-Rays - Digital x-rays have a lot of advantages over the older kind. For one thing, they use only 10% of the radiation conventional x-rays use, and they also give faster, more accurate pictures. On top of that, there are no more uncomfortable bite-wings for patients to keep in their mouths! Instead, the digital x-ray uses a sensor to take highly-detailed images of your teeth, which can then be enhanced even further on the computer.

Panoramic X-Rays – Sometimes we need to get a picture of the entire mouth at once, and that's when we turn to a panoramic x-ray. The panoramic x-rays are also faster and more accurate than the older x-rays, and they also provide large-scale images of the entire oral structure. Digital images also allow us to store them via computer, so that they are available at any time for reference.

We are committed to giving you the best dental diagnoses and treatments we can – and this top-notch technology is part of that commitment!